A Detailed Guide about Wood Chippers: Working, Types and Features

Tree Shredder or wood chippers used for reducing the wood into sawdust or chips. The wood shredding process is considered as a part of wood recycling or manufacturing process. Extensively used in the agricultural industry, these machines help in property maintenance, land maintenance and cleaning up any area affected due to meteorological events like storm, etc. The industrial wood chipper comprises of a collar, a hopper, a chipper and a collection bin. The combustion engine of the chipper consumes 3 to 1000 horsepower depending upon the type and size of a chipper. All size and kind of wood chippers are available at Shredder.Tech, a leading supplier of industrial shredders.

Working of Wood Chipper

All sizes and models of wood chippers work in a standard manner and powered by either a fossil
fuel engine or an electric motor engine. With the help of pulleys and v-belts, the engine connects
with a set of knives. The pulley empowers engines for controlling the speed of rotating blades
and the v-belt transmits the power from the engine. Internal gearboxes are also present within the
gearboxes that help in controlling the power and speed of the chipper.

For processing wood, the wood chippers comprise of two separate chutes. The smaller chute
performs the task of shredding branches into chips whereas the large chute turns plant material
like leaves into mulch. The second chute, which is larger in size than the former one has
additional blades and hammers for shredding the excess plant materials.

The wood chipper blade’s design determines the kind and thickness of wood that a chipper is
capable to handle adequately. The general rule is, larger the wood chipping machine, larger load
it can handle and vice versa.

Different Kinds of Industrial Wood Chippers

Wood chippers used for residential purposes operate on low power and speed. These chippers are
powered by an electric motor, therefore they operate quietly. Industrial wood shredders are large
in size. Some of the common industrial wood chippers are mentioned below:

Drum Wood Shredder

The drum wood shredders are a motor-powered drum, which is large in size and is located
centrally in the machine. The drum draws materials, chips them into small pieces which are
further collected into the output chute. The chipping process is quite fast and these machines
operate with high sound. A point necessary to note is both engine and drum are directly
connected, therefore any kind of drum jam actually disrupts the working of an engine and brings
the machine into a stall position. In order to avoid any casualty or injury, it is pivotal to operate
these machines with care so that no cloth or appendages caught in the drum while feeding the
material. Some of the models of drum wood shredders come with advanced features where
machines operate at a low voice with better safety features.

Disc Chipper

A disc chipper shredding machine features a steel disc attached with cutting blades. With the
help of hopper, the material is drawn into one chute and then move towards the spinning disc. As
the disc starts rotating, the blades cut the wood into small chips. The industrial disc chippers
come with disc size as large as 160 inches in diameter. Moreover, the engines of these chippers
operate by using a maximum of 5000 horsepower.

Ways to Choose the Best Wood Chipper

Different styles of wood chippers are available in the market; therefore it becomes quite difficult
even for companies to choose the right chipper meeting their industrial needs. Assorted below
are four factors that enable companies to choose the right wood chipper based on their industrial
requirements. The four factors are:

Engine: Give undivided attention to the power of the engine. Do not forget to ask
manufacturers the maximum wood’s diameter it can hold comfortably?

Design: Some models of the wood chipper have wheels that allow safe movement from
one place to another whereas some models have no wheels. Thus, if you want the mobile
wood chipper machine, go with the wheels model that is a little expensive as compared to
its counterpart.

Durability: Wood chippers are expensive; therefore companies prefer making a one-time
investment in these machines so that they can serve for years and years. Ensure that a
manufacturer is using high-quality construction material with an anti-rust coating on the
machine. Simultaneously, check the warranty also.

Safety: Operating wood chippers safely is no child’s play. Thus, inquire about all the
safety features of the machine. If possible, purchase the one with an auto shut off feature.
This ensures the safe shutting off the machine when the oil level goes down the safe
operating level.

So, start your search for the right wood chipper from today only!