Industrial Paper Shredders: Kinds, Benefits and How to Choose Them

Industrial paper shredders are powerful, technologically-advanced and heavy-duty shredding machines competent to shred office documents in bulk. With the help of a standard office shredder, small documents are shred whereas confidential documents or information stored in discs, folders, etc., are shred with industrial shredders. These machines facilitate high volume shredding by shredding 90 to 650 sheets per pass. Government organizations and private companies place an order for industrial shredders from a reputed manufacturer or supplier like Shredder Tech for discarding sensitive documents into fine and very fine particles or strips.

Different Kinds of Paper Shredders

Using industrial paper shredders is considered an ideal solution when high volume shredding needs to done on a continuous basis. On the cut basis, these shredders operate on the following basis: strip-cut shredders, cross-cut shredders, micro-cut shredders, disintegrators, hammer mills and pierce and tear shredders.

Strip-cut shredders make use of a single set of blades for cutting documents into strips.

Cross-cut shredders are equipped with two sets of blades and cut documents into rectangular and square pieces as small as 1/32 inch.

Micro-cut shredders are the safest industrial shredders that have the power to cut a single sheet into minuscule 1200 particles. Government organizations and research laboratories make use of these kinds of shredders.

Disintegrators are fitted with multiple blades and used for shredding USB flash drives, tapes, CDs and DVDs, etc. These are heavy-duty paper shredders having two fixed and two to five rotating blades.

Hammer mills are similar to disintegrators and turn any paper into dust.

Perce-and-Tear shredders have multiple rotating blades that ripped any paper into tiny pieces.

Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa, Latin America and the Asia Pacific are few regions from where the demand for industrial paper shredders arises. Due to extensive usage of paper products in schools, hotels, hospitals and recycling centers, the demand for paper shredders is observing an increasing pattern. Shredder Tech is the one company that successfully meets the growing demand for industrial shredders.

Benefits of Industrial Paper Shredders

 Some of the benefits of using technologically-advanced paper shredders are:

Any sensitive information or confidential documents are easy to discard with paper shredders as they ensure efficient and fast shredding.

When the size of waste paper reduces significantly, it becomes easy to dispose of. These shredders churn any paper into minute confetti pieces or compressed stripes that are hard to recognize.

Get complete data security by disposing of any confidential document or optical media with paper shredders.

Industrial shredders are available in various designs that shred paper into minuscule pieces ensuring high security. Those businesses that are interested in reducing their carbon footprints can send these shredded papers to any known recycling center without the fear of leakage of sensitive information.

If you are placing an order for an industrial paper shredder, it is prudent to have a crystal clear idea about the type of a shredding machine. Consider the following factors while coming to any conclusion:

Size of Expected Output: Ascertain the size of expected output while choosing a shredder machine. If you require shredded papers into small size, a strip-cut shredding machine can solve the purpose. On the other hand, if you want the expected output comes into minuscule particles; go ahead with micro-cut shredders.

Capacity: As per your business requirements, evaluate the number of shredded papers you require on per hour basis. This is easy to check by verifying the capacity of a shredding machine.

Operational Concerns: Shredding machines are heavy-duty machines with high sound. Some machines need large storage space and release airborne particles while operating. This, sometimes, poses a challenge to the working environment. So, keep these operational concerns into consideration while purchasing the shredding machine.

Maintenance: In order to get high-quality output on a regular basis, it is necessary to opt for maintenance services on a regular basis.

So, research well, gather necessary information about the kind of industrial paper shredder and accordingly make an online purchase.