About US

We love quality and efficiency everywhere. Especially in Work!

We are creative people who  think different. We cooperate in small effective team.We love our products, we love our work!

Mr. Michal Mihál is creator of innovative shredders. He is constructer, expert in mechanical engineering and really smart and friendly person. The best mechanical construction of shredders is made by him, by his company brand DREVARIA!
Michal wanted improve, and get better efficiency and more output fracion per same power. One of the solutions was improve shredding self.
Give brain to machine. And this was a new start!

New cooperation established
Michal and his DREVARIA got in touch with a machine - process control experts from PROFI SOLUTION ltd. This company provided control over whole process of shredding. Together with Michal developed unique algorythm for shredding.Smart shredder did born :)

About US

Own production - quality guarantee
We guard the quality of our shredders. We invested in our own CNC machines, thanks to which we produce the whole shredder ourselves. Product quality can thus easily maintain and we guarantee the quality!
Customer satisfaction in the first place!

Our own production also brings a high degree of flexibility. We have designed the shredders so that they can be easily incorporated into most operations and technologies. However, if the client has a special request, we are approachable and after proper consultation, we will gladly meet your needs!



We have developed several construction basic type like this withdifferent material input position...

Compact dimensions of the shredder!
Crushers DR400 and DR500 are basically 2 shredders in one. Two-stage shredding for coarse and then the fine fraction outlet. Nevertheless, thanks to our innovative design, it takes less space than a traditional one-stage (coarse) shredder. Moreover, the requirements for output fraction often require the inclusion of the second shredder (finely).

SMART shredding technology
We have developed a unique algorithm based on business experience and many years of experience. Processor-controlled shredding using our own algorithm. Intelligent regulation has a profound impact on shredding performance. The amount of processed material can be up to several times greater than conventional shredders. The unique shredding concept of our shredder can handle even larger pieces of material. Intelligent shredding also eliminates electrical and mechanical shocks. This extends the life of the entire device and the stability of the power grid.

Robust construction
Construction of our shredder is always solid, stable and durable. We do not save on materials or do not thin materials. All parts are solid and stable at first glance or touch. The robust design eliminates the possibility of resonance and associated noise.
The design of the shredder is designed so that it is possible to change the crushing teeth without the use of special tools. They are easily accessible and can be replaced by any maintenance engineer or handyman. And with the usual tools!

2 in 1
Our shredder is unique and innovative already as a concept. Material shredding takes place gradually in two stages. First, the material is processed into coarse, then fine crushing takes place. After fine grinding output fraction meets the criteria of most materials to final processing. This unique grinding process will save considerable costs in operation, but also when buying shredders! You pay for a shredder instead of two!
Because everything is done by our shredder 2 in 1 !!!

Luxuriously quiet operation
Our shredders are significantly quieter than shredders from competitive manufacturers. Quieter operation is especially useful for operation in the vicinity of residential areas.
How is it possible that our shredder works quieter?
Quieter operation is achieved by combining several factors, such as:

* Innovative shredding teeth design - Quieter and more efficient shredding
* high-quality surface hardened bearings with low coefficient of friction
* NORD electric gearboxes with high efficiency and ground toothing
* solid and robust construction to prevent shredder resonance in operation

Unique shredding teeth
Based on practical engineering experience and skills, in particular, we have approached shredding technology differently.
Our shredding gear is really quiet and very efficient. It is not necessary to grind the toothing during operation.
It will continue to work till visible normal wear and tear. With an 8-hour operation, they last approximately 1.5 years. High-quality gearing material will not succumb to the teeth even when they stumbled into here and there nail or other metal material. If by chance it will damage the shredding teeth, you can also change the individual teeth. And without using special tools!

Quality drive - German gearbox NORD!
Our shredders are equipped with electric gearboxes of the German brand NORD. The ground toothing of these gearboxes contributes to their high efficiency. This results in maximizing the shredder output power and minimal energy loss. Quality drive shredder that saves energy and thus your finances. At the same time, thanks to high-quality NORD electric gearboxes, the entire shredder drive is very quiet.
Each crusher from our production is equipped with electric gearboxes with high operating factor (high overload capacity). The overload capacity of the drive is very important especially in the event of abrupt jamming of the crusher teeth. Such an abrupt jam causes a high impact force and overload.
Of course, our shredders are safe.
Due to the high overload capacity, the drive is stable and durable even in the event of an abrupt shredder jam.

Quality bearings
All our shredders are equipped with hardened surface bearings and low coefficient of friction.
The hardened bearing surface guarantees long operation without damage. This eliminates equipment failure, downtime, and service.
The low friction coefficient makes the bearing very quiet and has very high efficiency. High efficiency maximizes output power. The shredder thus saves energy and therefore costs of operation.
High-quality bearings in our shredders will save you not only the costs of operation but mainly Your nerves ...